Camping out in my living room

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If you don’t have me on snapchat, like why?
I’m about to put on some lame pop aka sad girl lana del rey or some vintage fame album by gaga and get kicked out this bar
Bye bitch! It’s been real
Prom night was whatever.
I went to prom with a guy who had a girlfriend and it was torture because I thought he was so cool. I had fun though ^.^
This was me on the first day now I’m looking like shit not caring I wish I could have held in there a little longer


prayer circle for those who have to go back to school in august


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If we’re not snapchat friends then what are we doing with our lives
I went hiking on Memorial Day with friends at eaton canyon
i like him.
Play majoras mask with me under covers in a bed fort with treats and I will wed you when I’m ready🌼 
and also movies too